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Latest Technology

The Physicians’ Eye Surgery Center is committed to providing you quality care with state-of-the-art equipment using the latest advancements in eye care technology. Take a few moments to read what we’re using to improve our patient experience below. Then ask your surgeon what is the best option for you.


The LenSx Laser System was the first femtosecond laser approved for use in cataract surgery. If you opt for laser cataract surgery, your surgeon may operate using the LenSx® Laser, which offers a level of accuracy exceeding that of manual surgery methods. The LenSx® Laser first images your eye to plan a procedure that’s unique to you. A bladeless, computer-controlled laser then helps surgeons perform your surgery with exacting, individualized precision not attainable with traditional surgical methods.

ORA system with Verifeye​

Now, during the procedure, your surgeon can take measurements of your eye. ORA measurements are taken after the clouded cataract is removed, when the surgeon has a clear view, allowing him to tailor the procedure to your individual eye and refine your visual outcome

Glaukos Istents​

If you have both glaucoma and cataracts, an iStent might be right for you. This is the smallest medical FDA-approved. The iStent helps control your eye pressure by creating a permanent opening in the trabecular meshwork.

Verion Image Guided System

The Verion Image Guided System offers improved precision and control in cataract refractive surgery. For the first time, the Verion integrates diagnostic test results with intraoperative testing, to give your surgeon real time information during surgery.


Improving patient outcomes is a goal of the experienced eye care specialists at The Physicians’ Eye Surgery Center. The Centurion incorporates the latest breakthroughs in phacoemulsification technology, designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance surgeon control.