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Interventional Pain Management Center

The Physicians' Eye Surgery Center's history of superior ophthalmic care, high patient satisfaction, expertly trained staff, and commitment to efficiency make it a natural partner for Interventional Pain Management.

Patients at the Interventional Pain Management Center at The Physicians’ Eye Surgery Center will have access to the latest technology in a comfortable treatment room designed specifically for pain management. See a full list of conditions we treat on the sidebar to the left.

We offer a comprehensive and wide range of treatment modalities for our interventional pain patients. These vary from more common and conservative treatments for back and neck pain such as trigger point injections and epidural steroid injections to more complex and sophisticated therapies such as spinal cord stimulation and radiofrequency ablation. See a full list of procedures we perform on the sidebar to the left.

Dr. Andrew Geer has more than 15 years of experience in Interventional Pain Management while treating more than 30,000 patients at the St. Francis Hospital Pain Clinic. Dr. Geer has completed his Pain Management Board Recertification and is committed to the Continuing Medical Education process.

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